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Technology-first approach to spatial

Our platform makes it easy to build geospatial applications by providing all the tools you need to manage your data and publish scalable web maps.

Unlike our competitors, ArcGIS Online and Mapbox, we actively reduce vendor lock-in by promoting standardized protocols and keeping our services simple

We'll handle storage, scaling, authorization, publishing, and metrics, so you can start building what actually matters right now.


Data Focused

Backed by PostGIS

Every dataset is replicated across multiple PostGIS instances with GIST spatial indexes. We maintain multi-region high availability, intelligent load balancing, clustered compute nodes, and on-the-fly caching.


The entire EPSG database is at your disposal, with no limits on quantity or width of your data.

Designed for Developers

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Use your language of choice (python, cURL, java, etc) or our simple UI to manage your datasets. We will unpack it, calculate it's projection, build spatial indexes, and set up a layer for you to use.

Industry-Standard Publishing

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Follow best practices with standard OGC protocols. We'll set you up with some example code to get you started in publishing your new web map.

Interoperability is critical and we don't want to add any new tech to your already-growing stack.

Full WFS Transaction Support

Data in motion

With full WFS-T support, you can modify your data directly in a supported desktop client, such as QGIS, or build web applications that allow your end-users to modify the data.

We provide the tools to control exactly who can modify the layers.

Innovative Row-Level Security

You can stick with easy-to-implement API key access, or leverage our advanced JWT authentication for row-level, time-based, and/or geofenced access. 

See our blog entry about JWT authentication

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Human Friendly

One-click shapefile uploads

Upload your first shapefile through our UI with a couple of clicks and within seconds we'll have it fully indexed with sample code to get you off the ground.

Data cataloging at scale

One dataset is easy but a hundred is completely unmanageable if you don't have the right tools. Stay organized with our simple interfaces to keep it all cataloged.

Data Insights

Dive deep into the indexes used on your datasets or the rate of cache hits, to fully understand your bottlenecks.



Unlimited datasets

Unlimited public/private layers

Unlimited styles

100 MB storage

10 GB monthly traffic


Unlimited datasets

Unlimited public/private layers

Unlimited styles

Unlimited storage

Unlimited monthly traffic

  • $0.30 USD per GiB-month​​ storage

  • $0.50 USD per GiB egress traffic

  • $0.75 USD per CPU-hour


Unlimited datasets

Unlimited public/private layers

Unlimited styles

Unlimited storage

Unlimited monthly traffic

Dedicated Infrastructure

Dimetric will contribute 1% of all revenue to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.


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