• Mitchell Bosecke

Feature Rollout: CodeSandbox Integration

I'm happy to announce that the latest feature we've rolled out for Dimetric Cloud is integrating the layer preview with CodeSandbox.

The beauty of this feature is that it gives you a complete and customized code sample on how to generate a web map using your specific layer. Launch the platform (free to join), upload a shapefile, and presto you have a web map! I bet you could do it in thirty seconds.

The code sample uses OpenLayers and it walks you through adding a WMTS layer that serves vector tiles by default. Inside the code sample, there is an optional second layer that you can enable which uses server-generated PNG tiles. Both of these layers also show you how to use a time-limited JWT token to securely view your private layers without snooping eyes.

The "Launch CodeSandbox" button can be found on the preview tab:

Which results in a full-featured code sandbox that you can play around with:

Happy mapping!

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